I am Janeen Minerva, a wife and a mother of three based in New York. From an early age, I had always dream of capturing moments that would make people fathom the uniqueness of each race and appreciate the culture diversity of an ethnicity. This led me to Travel and Documentary Photography, which captivated me and there has been no looking back since.

I educated myself to different camera techniques and exerted effort on learning the science of image processing. Being self taught allowed me to learn more and discover my potential. I get to turn my ideas into inspirations. I took up various freelance projects for years. Eventually, I started having exhibits to share my masterpiece.

Currently, I am working on offering a great collection of exceptional variety of photographs from all over the world. I am also opening this site for neophyte photographers so they will be given the opportunity to present their work to the world and help them find their success in one of the most dynamic and challenging areas of the global artscene.