Disadvantages on Scheduling Your Social Media Posts

schedule post social media

Engaging in social media is never an easy task, especially if you use it for your business or for your website. You can’t deny that you’re a very busy person but you can’t just ignore your social media followers because a huge part of your success is contributed by the impact that you get from social media. You must always ensure a proper and a good amount of social media presence and interaction to gain and generate new clients for yourself.

A lot of entrepreneurs fail to provide the needed time to engage in the social media and their solution? They schedule their businesses tweets or status. They strategically manage their time while providing contents that aims at their target audiences.

This strategy is not without disadvantages though. There may be a lot of advantages but one cannot deny the few disadvantages that linger.

Here are the benefits:

  1. Time efficiency: This is the main point of scheduling your status or tweets. This way, you can use a single day and prepare posts good for a whole week. This allows you to not worry about posts that are to be posted later for a week.
  2. Flexibility: This benefit is felt with your busy schedule. In terms of interaction with the use of social media, daily consistency is needed. You need to keep your audience posted. Once you scheduled your posts, they will go online on the exact time that you want them to be. This will ensure consistency in terms of daily updates and will promote flexibility in terms of your own schedule.
  3. Improve Reach: We all know that certain groups of audiences go online on certain hours of the day. If you’re unable to go online during these hours, schedule your posts and make sure that your page updates on those times.

Here are the risks:

  1. Confusion: When scheduling future updates, it’s easy to get confused, especially if you’re making a lot of posts at the same time. Some of the common mistakes that happen are wrong links or misspelled words.
  2. Dull Interaction: When scheduling your posts, your posts will be published at a time where you are offline or absent. This causes problems since you don’t know any activities revolving around your posts.
  3. Being Outdated: If you’re scheduling your posts, you will fail to cover events that happen right after you created your posts and before you publish them. This will make your page slightly outdated.