How to Promote Your Art through Social Media

Promoting Art through Social Media

Your art definitely deserves attention. However, with millions of people posting millions of images, videos and some sort of distraction on social media, grabbing people’s eyes to your precious art is a little far from possible. This article will give you some steps on how to promote your art on social media.

  1. Blog!

For many experts, blogging is considered as one of the most effective ways on getting your art found and detected by search engines. It’s an important way to improve SEO, build a fan base, and find the perfect target market. Blogs lets your audience see much more interesting stuff beyond your art. You can offer them behind-the-scenes-work, progress of making the piece, or the materials used in making your art, which will definitely grab their attention further.

  1. Be extra active on Facebook

Billions of people use Facebook every day. That’s a lot of people to promote your art too! Plus, Facebook is free. Facebook pages are free. The only thing that’s left for you to do is to manage it excellently.

Basically, the first step is to make a Facebook page. Then, invite your Facebook friends (include the real-life ones, too, of course!) to “like” and share the page with others and even hire Facebook manager. Then, start posting! It is important to be consistent with your posts. Schedule your posts according to when the majority of your audience is active. Also, always make sure to share posts with relevant content. Make them as interesting and as informative as possible.

  1. Be on Twitter, too!

Twitter is also a very useful social networking site to promote your art. It is used by several relevant people, in which you can follow and get significant information related to art. Like Facebook, you can also post just about anything on Twitter. Tweet everything about your art. Make use of “hashtags” and follow trending keywords to make your tweets more interesting and updated.

  1. Make use of Pinterest

Pinterest doesn’t seem to be always talked about, but it’s amongst the most used around the world of internet. In fact, many artists prefer to use it more often than other sites. The process of posting goes almost the same as on Facebook and Twitter. You make an account, log in, and start pinning. You should, however, make sure that all the important information about you is in your profile. That includes your website address, of course. In pinning, you’ll need to add a watermark in the image of the art that you’re going to post. This is for image protection. Also, make sure to use clear descriptions and keywords on your pins, so people can easily find your image as they try to search it.


  1. Try Facebook ads

Facebook is free, but it also offers more useful features. Many artists use Facebook Ads in promoting their art in the most low-cost way. Facebook ads can attract your target audience as they click and respond to the ad.