Top Reasons Why Artists Fail with Instagram

Artists Fail with Instagram

Artists need to find inventive ways on how to attract a target market.The power of social media particularly Instagram can be used to make a brand a success.The failure to do so can have some devastating effects. Here are some mistakes that artists make when dealing with Instagram.

  1. Lack of Research. Sometimes, when creative juices are flowing, artists get too excited and don’t think things through. Before jumping into something big, always do your research first. Be updated with what’s happening around you whether locally or globally.
  1. Copycats. Your competitors are supposed to challenge you into thinking outside of the box. Without being original and unique, many may consider you as a copycat and brush you aside.
  1. Bombardment Using Hashtags. We know how using hashtags to market a certain brand is the “in” thing right now in Instagram. Using too many can do a lot of damage. People hate reading posts that have a zillion hashtags. The truth is, no one wants to read that much. The best thing to do is to minimize them.
  1. It’s Quality, Not Quantity. Some artists are too focused on numbers of their followers rather than on the quality of their Instagram posts. This is a big mistake because the brand’s quality will always determine the number of followers.
  1. Ignorance is NOT a Virtue. Any slice of comment, suggestion or feedback is very helpful, considering that someone has actually paid attention to your brand. It would be great if you could reply sincerely even if the respondent has been rude to you.
  1. Personality is Everything. Exude confidence in your brand and your audience will begin to notice. Every single post should be injected with a bit of personality so that it stands out from the crowd.
  1. Not Posting Original Content. Copying and pasting content that doesn’t belong to you is certain to drive your audience members away. It helps if you create unique content and post them on a regular basis.
  1. No Strategy = You are Doomed! It’s like entering a dark room with your arms flailing all around and having no sense of direction since you can’t see anything. This is exactly why you should have a strategy from the very beginning so that your brand will have a sense of direction. Going with the flow just won’t do.
  1. Being Insensitive or Being Inappropriate = Big No No! Always be mindful of your language and the tone that you set on Instagram. Use appropriate words and don’t demean others even if they always seem to try and push all your buttons. Since, we are all human beings with real emotions; sometimes it’s necessary to put self-restraint since you are still representing a brand.
  1. We Hate Spam! Spam is fine for breakfast but your online audience will hate it if you try to keep a salesperson tone and hard sell your products to them. For many, it’s one of the biggest turnoffs.

Keep in mind of these things so that you know what to do when it comes to growing your brand in Instagram as well as in other major social media sites.